“Over 25 years I have broken in approximately 1,250 horses and in total have saddled and ridden a horse approximately 60,000 times, so it can be said I have reasonable experience in assessing horses. In this light I found our Renegade Z filly very easy to break in, for she has an exceptionally good temperament and learns quickly. On top of this, and as part of her temperament, she is a good eater, relaxed in the stables, and not phased by new experiences or environments, such as being brought home in our truck for the first time and commencing breaking in. Based on this filly, in a sport where temperament is crucially important, I would have no hesitation in recommending Renegade Z to breed showjumping horses.”
Glen McLaren (WA)

“Victorian performance horse breeders are indeed supremely lucky to have Rendegade Z in their back yard. He is such a well bred stallion, who not only has super conformation, movement and jumping ability but equally important a delightful temperament. Kendalee Stables has used Renegade Z for the past two years and cant wait to our foals are old enough to break in and start the predicted successful journey to being top competition horses.”
Robyn Richards – Kendalee Stables (VIC)